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Why Companion Blankets?



Reduce pet anxiety by providing a portable sense of warmth and familiar security.

dog legs on blanket

Safe Materials

Our blankets contain no synthetic fabric and use eco-friendly and organic materials.

dog hanging in blanket

Strong and Durable

These machine washable blankets are less likely to tear and be ingested by your pup.

Why Our Blankets?

Why Our Blankets?

Fetch & Wags Other Blankets
Organic and Eco-Friendly
Non-Toxic Material
Strong and Durable
Machine Washable
Gives Back

Natural Companion Blanket



We gave this blanket to our breeder before we picked up our new puppy to get the mother’s scent on it, and she absolutely loves the blanket. She drags it around everywhere with her. It is definitely puppy-approved!


This blanket is so soft and my dog is always curled up in it. It is machine-washable and super durable. My dog has torn apart other blankets in the past, but this one is holding up really well.


My dog is OBSESSED with this blanket! Every morning when we let her out of her crate, she quickly greets us and then immediately runs back to her crate to get her blanket. It has brought us so much laughter each morning!

Andrea M.

Dog Blog