Why You Should Give Your Breeder a Blanket

newborn puppy and hand
As exciting as it is to pick up a newborn pup from the breeder, the transition to a new home can can cause your soon-to-be best friend a great deal of stress.  In order to reduce anxiety and calm your canine, make sure to bring a blanket!
As explored in the post why do dogs like blanketsresearch has shown that seasoning the blanket with the scent of a puppy's mother or the familiar smell of an owner can put your pooch at ease in stressful situations.  In other words, having a blanket that smells like a the puppy's original home can ease their transition into a new one.
So ask your breeder if you can mail them a blanket beforehand for the mother to cuddle with.  If this is not an option with your breeder, ask if you can leave the blanket behind when you first go to see the litter.  At the very least, bring the blanket with you when you pick up your pup and let the mom and the litter-mates touch and play with it. If possible, lay it in the litters’ regular sleeping and nursing area so it can pick up that particular scent.
Finally, make sure you choose the right blanket!  The blanket should be made from 100% organic unbleached and undyed cotton that is free of toxic synthetics and decorative elements that may pose a choking hazard.  If you are in the market for a dog blanket, then check out our all natural companion blankets; or, if you would like to learn more about selecting the right blanket, check out this article: how to choose the right dog blanket,

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