About Us

dog sleeping on blanket

In the summer of 2019, I decided to get a puppy.  Having never had a pet before, I was completely oblivious to what being a dog dad entailed.  As a result, I was quite intrigued when the breeder asked me if I wanted to drop off a blanket a few weeks before picking up my new best friend, Penny. 

The breeder informed me that companion blankets play an important role in ensuring a comfortable transition for a new puppy.  Not only are they warm & cozy, but when scented with the familiar smell of home, blankets can reduce anxiety as the pup acclimatizes to their new environment.  So, I picked up a blanket at the local dollar store and dropped it off at the breeders without much consideration.

When I finally brought Penny home, I was pleased to see how attached she was to the blanket.  She would constantly have it in her mouth while parading around the house.  When I came home, she would rush to greet me before quickly retreating, only to return with a face full of blanket and a tail wagging ferociously.  

Unfortunately, Penny’s sharp puppy teeth quickly chewed holes into her beloved blanket. I began to worry about her ingesting small pieces of the synthetic material and decided to get rid of it.  After seeing how upset Penny was, I frantically scoured the internet and local pet stores looking for a durable blanket that was made of natural materials. Coming up empty-handed, I determined that it was my dog dad duty to create a line of products that could be safely cherished by our best friends for years to come. 

In 2020, I partnered with my best friend and fellow dog dad to launch Fetch & Wags, a company focused on creating durable dog toys and accessories from the finest, most natural materials.  It is our missions to gain the affection of every dog and the trust of their owner.